Earth Range

Our Earth Range is made using 65% clay. CaCO3, to be precise. After the clay is extracted from the ground, it’s compressed with resin.

And considering clay is our main ingredient, the process is remarkably clean. Non-toxic materials. Efficient technologies. Zero waste and zero water.

Following use, Earth products will biodegrade in landfill in approximately 2 years. Therefore, the clay will be returned to the earth whilst a low level of carbon emissions will be generated. Because there’s not much point in creating products that break down to nothing if they leave a trail of destruction behind them.


• Made with 2/3 less fossil fuel – 65% Clay 30% Polypropylene
• Clay is a natural forming inorganic substance
• Can be recycled
• Following disposal in landfill, the clay component is returned to the Earth
• The polypropylene component will biodegrade in CO2 and CH4 within approximately 2 years – ASTMD5511 tested
• It produces 2/3 less carbon emissions than traditional plastic
• Traditional plastic products can take up to 200 years to biodegrade in landfill – source WWF.

Earth Resin

• High Melting Point – 220° C
• Hi/Lo Temperature Resistant
• Water resistant
• Good thermal insulation
• Has natural antibacterial properties
• Is a natural repellent for pests
• Approved for direct food contact – FDA 21
• Can be use various plastic fabrication processes: extrusion coating, injection moulded, caste coating, thermoforming

Re-forme Straws

This is the only straw that looks after the Earth. It has a unique texture and feel, it is water resistant and doesn’t lose shape or strength in liquid. In addition, it is stable in a wide range of temperatures and meets food safety standard – FDA21.

Available in various colours and sizes.

Re-forme Tape

It’s the tape that you want to stick to. Ideal for carton sealing and good for the environment . It’s always sticky and never screechy. The backing film is made from Earth Resin and has acrylic adhesive.

Available in different colours. Customisation available.

Earth Flute Board

Very durable compared to the paper alternative. What’s more, it is water resistant and suitable for outdoor displays. It has excellent printability.

Available in thickness 1.8mm to 5mm and in different colours.

Earth Flute Boxes

Provide a packaging solution that is very durable and don’t deteriorate in high humidity or wet environments. In other words, this product is ideal for a wide range of fruit and produce applications.

Customisation available.

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